This site is using Google Analytics to measure performance. This gives me an indication of the location of my visitors, pages they visited while on site, and actions they took while on site.  This data will be used to improve the website by influencing subject matter or site design.

Here’s the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-in.

Once Universal Analytics allows for it, I will also be opting in to Demographic and Interest reporting to get a sense for the interests of the visitors to this site. This data may be used in conjunction with similar demographic data to write content intended for those demographics, or be used in reports seen on this website to show demographic trends happening on the site.

Google Analytics policies prohibit me from collecting personally identifiable information, or merging personally identifiable information with anonymous data. No Google Analytics report will be used to identify individuals.

Here is Google’s Advertising Policy page.

Here’s where to opt out of advertising (which we aren’t running here now but may in the future).

At some point, Remarketing technology may be employed by this website. This will involve a cookie being added to your browser for the express purpose of serving advertising for this website. Google may use this cookie data to tailor your ad experience based on targeting set by me, the advertiser. 3rd party websites will use this data in order to show ads.

None of this data will be used to market any other websites to you.

Any email addresses provided to this website through forms or comments sections will be used to contact you directly regarding this website, either directly or through a mailing list. Mailing lists will always contain the ability to opt out/unsubscribe. If you believe you have received an email from this website or about this website that is spam, please contact the site owner immediately at:

Email addresses will not be sold or given away to any 3rd party, and will be stored securely, and removed from any list or address book immediately at the email address owner’s request.

If you have any questions at all about these privacy statements, or privacy issues related to site analytics or web marketing, please contact the site owner at:

This document can and will be amended as changes to tracking or analytics are made.

First published on: 03/06/2014

Last update: 03/06/2014