Experience & Resume

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Measure Twice, Cut Once

  • Crack shot at Google Analytics configuration & reporting – 5+ years experience
  • Masterful at Excel pivot tables for mashing up disparate data sources
  • Excellent at pulling together data from varied sources for success measurement


  • Creating GA profiles that specially report on unique organic ranking data
  • Mashing up GA and PPC data from AdWords, Bing, Marin, Mongoose Metrics and internal CRMs to measure PPC success
  • Working with stakeholders to outline & tag unusual conversion metrics for future reporting
  • Fully established online-to-offline tracking for calls using Mongoose Metrics software
  • Creating documentation for IT team to implement detailed conversion tracking
  • Vetting, negotiating, and implementing Marin Software for multiple PPC accounts managing over 100,000 keywords

PPC Wizardry

  • High volume management experience: 12 accounts, 8 sites, & greater than $40,000 weekly spend
  • Heavy emphasis on management for cost per lead and lead volume
  • Aggressive about optimizing for search relevance and cost reduction
  • Experience working with Google AdWords representatives, and teams from Marin Software
  • Rapidly learned core PPC skill set: going from little knowledge in October 2012 to high volume management starting in February 2013


  • Between February 2013 and August 2013, saved over $270,000 year over year on high volume efforts, with an average CPA drop of $6.35
  • Built a new set of campaigns which generated over 5600 leads between March & September 2013, averaging 32 new leads a day over that period
  • Created & launched sweeping creative changes to reflect abrupt, business-mandated changes in messaging
  • Coordinated the creation of remarketing banners using contract-based design help
  • Conducted conversion rate optimization tests to help make major messaging changes profitable
  • Managed rapidly changing goals regarding lead generation and spend to produce desired results
  • Maintained weekend and off hours availability to ensure company needs were met
  • Created a 5 part PPC 101 series to educate others within the department

Gotta Go Fast!

  • Operates on short notice and tight deadlines
  • Great at motivating others to produce under pressure
  • Familiarity with Scrum/Agile development process


  • Turning around a whole new site template with the help of one other person in 2 days
  • Creating board-ready reports on a year’s worth of conversion activity in just hours
  • Building large PPC campaigns from scratch within days
  • Setting up example-focused PPC 101 training presentations within a 3 days from start to finish
  • Putting together full conversion code implementation guide within an afternoon [sample]

End-to-End Site Creation

  • Comfortable with involvement in every step of site production
  • Strong knowledge of WordPress installation, as well as plugin & template installation and configuration


  • Meeting with stakeholders to plan out site content goals: audiences, messaging, conversion types
  • Wireframing with stakeholders to speed up the design process
  • Talking through detailed functionality needs to give to IT in a developer-friendly way
  • Building and designing sites in WordPress for users with basic needs [sample: http://pinnaclepiercingnh.com/ ]

Business-to-Geek Translator

  • Years of experience working with IT and business to drive product creation
  • Highly comfortable doing QA and feature testing on website functionality


  • Working with a dev team to thoroughly test functionality before feature release
  • Interviewing people from other areas of the business to discover new products to develop and expand
  • Keeping every possible document needed to maintain and build websites
  • Advocating for both in-house tool development and outside resources depending on the best fit for the company

SEO Know-How

  • Over 5 years experience working directly with an in-house SEO team for a highly competitive market
  • Familiar with on page content optimization, proper meta element configuration, intensive keyword research, and linking best practices


  • Working on a website migration that involved rewriting crucial elements of dozens of pages based on keyword research & site goals
  • Multiple title tag audits for optimization goals and best practice adherence
  • Aiding in the development & planning of an in house SEO management tool to streamline the ranking management of hundreds of pages
  • Copywriting for conversion potential, user experience, and SEO value

 Education and Certification:

Marin Enterprise Certified Specialist certificate attained April 9, 2013

Conference Attendance:

Search Engine Strategies, NYC 2013

Search Engine Strategies, San Francisco 2011

An Event Apart, Boston 2008